About Sahar Co.

Trade and Engineering Services Company
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  • Sahar Co has founded 1996, based on a sales and engineering company in field of plastic industry. We have agency of famous and first class companies in field of plastic industry and accessories in order to provide you the best turnkey solution.

    Turnkey solutions in our goal, because we can provide you a strong package of machinery and accessories and consult in order to reduce your cost and help you in all part of the project.

    After sales service is one of our strongest parts of company, we have experience technicians which are able to do all installation, start up, and process, this means for your support you are not alone, and even for mold service we have subcontractor which can support you for all services and supports you need.

    We have two offices which divide the sales and after sales service in order to support you for the better help and support as soon as possible.

    There are 3 people who take care of spare part and control the service for having your best satisfaction.

    Injection molding machine

    Mold, having connection with full range of expert mold makers which can cover your expectations.

    Automation and robot
    Temperature control unit
    Feeding system and Dryer and centralizing system for big project
    Small and big crushers
    Hot runner and heaters
    Mold changing system
    Coupling for water and hydraulic connection
    Recycling line for all type of material
    Extrusion line for compounding, pipe, profile
    Vacuum system for automation
    Is the range of our agencies , We are having lone experience in:

    Automotive industry: interior and exterior and technical parts which required technology transfer.

    Packaging: In mold labeling, Cap production, crates and baskets is our strong part of this field of industry.

    Medical: we can offer you full solution for all range of medical sets like syringe, Blood tubes collection, Dialyze filter, IV sets. Micro parts: Due to having special range of IMM we are able to offer special machine for production of micro parts which is used for electric parts and Auto parts and some medical parts.

    LSR parts, LIM machine and having reliable mold maker, will help us to offer a good solution for LSR parts in field Auto parts, Medical. We have a wide range of reference due to long experience in most part of Iran and we proud that we are like family with our customer, because when we sell ,this will be beginning of our relationship and we respect this and it will be honor to proud of our customers and references.

    Representing leading suppliers from Europe ,Sahar Co. for the needs of customers who prioritise efficiency; high machine up-time; repeatability and process stability above all other considerations.

    Sahar Co. is unquestionably a niche supplier. The company prides itself on providing its clients with the best solutions available, within its focused area of expertise.